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Consolidating parenting skills in children’s facilities

Ivana Dokoupilová

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Psychiatr Psychol Klin 2016, 16 (4), p. 225–228
DOI: 10.15557/PiPK.2016.0030

The content of this paper is a report on activities in children’s facilities and their ability to influence parenting skills in terms of institutional childcare at an early age. Children’s facilities (infant homes, children’s homes and children’s centres) provide comprehensive care for children and parents in cases where, for various reasons, a child’s all-round development is disrupted or their life is in danger. The main purpose of these facilities is to provide adequate childcare as well as to support families when restoring basic functions. On the basis of a survey conducted in children’s facilities, the most frequent difficulties in exercising parenting skills are identified, and subsequently, information on the extent to which children’s facilities contribute to the development of parenting skills and help in the rehabilitation of a family is outlined.

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child, family, parenting skills, institutional care